OPINION: Obi Aguocha and the “Sodomy” of a Lethal Serpent, by Michael Chijioke

By Michael Chijioke

One fact about lethal serpents is that they look harmless to the eyes but beyond their innocuous looks is their venomous bite that serves their victims nothing but tears, sorrow and death. People are therefore usually warned to be wary of such snakes to avoid unpleasant and deathly consequences.

One of such snakes in human form is one High Chief Obi Aguocha who is a pretender rather than a contender for Ikwuano/Umuahia Federal Constituency. His campaign strategy has been nothing but a naked display of utter disgust for the people of Umuahia and a regular but puerile attempt to contract his hatred for the people to other clans in the constituency. His victims are those who allow themselves to be swayed by his roving tongue.

Whenever his campaign train hits anywhere in Ikwuano, he thoroughly abuses the people of Umuahia and weaves a plethora of fallacious and destructive narratives against them. But then he comes to the same Umuahia to beg for votes. What manner of hypocrisy is that!

In a bid to drive a wedge between what tightly holds the people of Ikwuano/Umuahia together as one since the days of old, Aguocha told, among other things, some of our Ikwuano brothers in a gathering that: “If you are sick, you are simply dependent on ndi-Umuahia, whether you end up dead or alive”.

Apart from being denigrating to the people of Umuahia, that was also very humiliating to the great people of Ikwuano who have proven their own mettle in not only the politics of Abia State but even that of Nigeria as a whole. So Aguocha’s attempt to reduce them to mere apron strings or appendages of others just to score cheap political points is highly disrespectful, despicable, reprehensible, arrogant, ignorant, inconsiderate and condescending to the people of Ikwuano. And that is characteristic of Aguocha.

One would have expected that anyone angling to lead a people in whatever capacity in this dispensation should be one who unites, soothes and engenders the spirit of brotherhood and good neighbourliness among his constituents. But Obi Aguocha keeps showing such brazen disdain for the people of Umuahia everywhere he goes, the same Umuahia people that are part of the constituency he wishes to represent!

It all boils down to one thing: Aguocha has proven those who refer to him as a political dullard and misfit right. If he was smart, he would have known that he needs the votes of everyone to win election and not just a section of the constituency; he would have been speaking with the finesse of a legislator-to-be and the carriage of a virtuous leader whose words unite, heal and give hope rather than one whose words divide and lead to despondency! But his acclaimed political ineptitude means he lacks the basic character to display virtue.

While one will not want to dwell on his widely reported unholy practise of homosexuality which is said to be the reason his wife chased him away from their family abroad, and the reason parents/guardians back home are said to warn their young and vulnerable male children/wards to stay away from him, it is important to note that the good people of Ikwuano/Umuahia can never see themselves associated with such a man not to talk of electing him as a leader. That seems to be the only legacy he has, hence, his campaign of emptiness!

The people of Ikwuano/Umuahia will not give their Federal House of Representative ticket to anyone who would use their seat to agitate for and promote sodomy rather than issues that would be of great benefit to them!

Aguocha should turn himself in for moral rehabilitation and spiritual rebirth before embarking on a political journey that has proven to be too big and too complex for him.

Michael sent this piece from Ikwuano

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