Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: IAPHD Calls for Cessation of Hostilities, Restoration of Order


A humanitarian services organisation, The Impact Alliance for Peace and Humanitarian Development, IAPHD, has called on warring parties in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to cease hostilities immediately and embrace a non-violent resolution of the raging crisis.

In a statement signed by the President and Founder of IAPHD, Mr Chuks P. Iwunoh, who is also a professional member of the International Institute of Professional Securities, the organisation urged all parties to consider the hardship and suffering the crisis has already brought upon the innocent and vulnerable members of the society and the humongous humanitarian crisis it has already created.

“This is a situation that has been going on for a long time, causing pain and suffering to many, and it is high time we reflected on what this means for humanity and the precious gift of peace,” part of the statement read.

While describing the conflict as a human problem affecting real people, families, and communities, the organisation admonished world leaders and opinion moulders not to take sides but to acknowledge the pain, loss, fear and uncertainty that people on both sides endure daily as a fallout of the crisis.

“We are all part of this one big family called humanity, and when one part of our family hurts, we all do.

“When we watch the news and see the headlines filled with stories of violence and suffering, it’s easy to feel helpless or even to turn away. But each and everyone of us can be motivated by the fact that every little act of empathy, understanding and kindness can make a big difference. It all starts with a desire for peace.

“The world needs to shun hatred and division and embrace love and unity across faith, politics, race or such other considerations. We should choose to emphasise on our common humanity, and allow our diversity be our source of strength rather than the cause of our division. We should always settle for dialogue and diplomacy over strife and war.

“World leaders and everyone should pursue peace by all means so the world can be a better, brighter and more peaceful place for our children and future generations.

“We can not afford to be spectators in this conflict. We all need to take responsibility and be the agents of change for our world.

“We hereby reiterate our call for the immediate cessation of hostilities and restoration of order.

“Peace is priceless!

“We all need to stand for humanity, for peace, and for the belief that together, we can make this world a better place,” the statement concluded.

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