Aguocha’s Homosexual Status: We Stand by our Story – News Medal

We have read the feeble rebuttal by Aguocha on our story of Thursday, January 19, with the headline: “2023: Against Christian Beliefs, African Culture, Aguocha Makes Gay Rights a Priority”, and wish to state that we stand categorically by the story thereof.

Rather than vitiate the veracity of the story, Aguocha’s puerile statement trying to deny it has further strengthened the content and confirmed what we already know.

If Aguocha feels the story as published by us is untrue and that he has been defamed by it, we challenge him to do the right thing by dragging us through the courts where we hope to open more can of worms concerning his gay status and his other dark arts of depravity.

As a media outfit committed to the ideals of fearless reportage, we will not allow ourselves to be cowed by anyone especially when that person practises homosexuality and has been preying on our vulnerable young boys. It is our responsibility to expose such people so that parents will become aware, guide and guard their male children from such a mindless predator who has demonstrated enormous caoacity for luring our young boys into bed with him to satisfy his inordinate sexual desires.

Rather than play to the gallery, and issue statements that are not only facile but also jejune, we urge Aguocha to use the money donated to him by the gay community for his campaign for a more profitable venture by turning himself in to the relevant institutions for the immediate commencement of his moral rehabilitation and spiritual rebirth. He needs to save himself first from himself before pursuing any political ambition.

Lastly, News Medal wishes to restate its commitment to the ideals of truth, courage and forthrightness in the discharge of its duties to its esteemed reading public no matter whose ox is gored as we believe that that is the only way society can be sanitised and our young ones kept safe.

And like a sage once said, “Never be worried about who will be offended if you speak the truth. Worry about who will be misled, deceived and destroyed if you don’t”. This is our guiding principle and upon it we stand!



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